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May is usually the start of the “Mahi” time of the year

That is when we start to see some South and East wind. Hopefully, we also see some strong East current and weed lines forming up offshore. When that happens, it’s time to go fishing for Mahi, (dolphin fish).

We have seen some scattered small ones the last week

But no large fish, at least for the Southbound. We did get a nice Sailfish the other day, which was great. There is no such thing as a Bad Sailfish, (unless it’s one that gets off). May was always one of my favorite months mainly because of the Mahi fishing

The conditions that we want

are also the same conditions that can make it a bit “Sporty” offshore. The wind is out of the East and the current running to the East. When they oppose each other like that, it builds up the waves. Unfortunately, while big waves are not usually good for some fishermen, it can be good for the fishing. That was the case yesterday.

Customer with 22 lb Bull Dolphin at the dock

22 lb Bull Dolphin

It wasn’t Horrible

Seas were about 3-4 ft. Not unreasonable for most of my regular customers. This is good because when we started fishing, I went West and toward the latter part of the day, I had to work my way back east against the waves. Fortunately, my group was “Nautical” enough to handle it and catch fish along the way.

customer with 17 Cow dolphin at the dock

17 Lb.  Cow Dolphin


The last two fish of the day

Were the biggest fish of the day. That’s always a good way to end a trip. We caught a 22 lb Bull dolphin and a 17lb Cow and headed back to the dock with some tired and happy customers


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