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Spring is here

and that means Mahi fishing. This is the time of year when we start to see more Mahi , (also called Dolphin locally), offshore. The wind starts to come out of the East and Southeast most of the time. It brings the humidity we see in the summer months, it pushes the Sargasso weed, (which is a floating algae that grows on the surface), in closer to Key West. The Sargasso weed is a habitat for smaller fish and critters to hide in and the Mahi know it. They swim around under the Sargasso looking for a chance to feed.

Sometimes, we find small patches or lines of the Sargasso.

That is what we mostly found offshore today. Most of the Sargasso was scattered and difficult to work. Fortunately, my 1st mate will clear weed off the baits all day without complaining. (Most mates will start to give the Captain the “stink-eye” if the boat is driving through scattered weed).

We worked the Weed to the West

in about 700 ft of water. It was slow at first, but it looked good and despite hearing reports of some fish being caught inshore of my location, I decided to continue working the area I was in because it just looked too good to leave. Eventually, we started picking at a few fish. It was not “epic” catching, but it is still early in the “season”. We caught approximately 20 mahi of which 13 were “keepers”. From what I heard on the radio we did better mahi fishing than most and most importantly, my people were happy. At the end of the day, that is what is important.

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