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This time of year, The Black Fin Tuna are usually around.

You will mark the schools while driving around outside the reef. Most of the time they are deep during the day so most don’t bite. But just before sunset, they will all come up and feed. For this reason, we will often leave late and come in as the sun is going down.

I’ve always said “You can’t trust a Tuna”

because they might bite one night and not the next. OR they will be feeding up to the east one day and down to the west the next night. You can never be sure. All you can do is put yourself in the right position,(you hope), and be ready when they start to bite.


Three anglers holding Black Fin Tuna at the dock

Today we had a late afternoon trip today and caught some nice Black Fin Tuna

Had a late afternoon trip today and caught some nice blackfin tuna

It can happen fast

You are driving around, marking the schools on the depth sounder for an hour not getting any bites, and the next thing you know, every line gets hit. It is like someone threw a switch and the bite is on!

Fatheres and their boys at the dock with a rack full of fish

Black Fin Tuna and one nice Kingfish made for a great day on the Southbound

we are limited to 10 Black Fin per boat and once they start biting, it is not uncommon to get your limit in less than an hour. It doesn’t happen every night. Some nights the “Tax Man”, otherwise known as sharks can take most of what you hook. The good thing is that there is a lot of meat on a big Black Fin tuna so even if you only get a couple to the boat, it’s usually enough for a couple of good meals.

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