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We had a full day charter today. Only two people and they had fished with me before. We started out fairly close to Key West, I didn’t want to overrun the fish. It’s been difficult because we are still catching a few Mahi, but one day they are inshore and the next day they are offshore.

Because we had a full day to work with, I decided to start in about 300 ft of water and work our way out deep if needed. If we were catching a lot in that depth, naturally I would keep working it. If not, we had plenty of time to head offshore and look for more.

There were some Sargasso weed patches in 300 ft, which is why I stopped there. It was not just a random depth. We did catch a couple of fish along the weed in 300 but as we worked our way east, the weed thinned out and so did the bites. I decided to head out deeper.

There were small lines of weed all the way out to the drop-off. We worked along it all day. Not a lot of big patches, but enough weed that it should have held some fish. Once we got to the drop-off, that’s where the water goes from 850 ft to 1,400 ft in a short distance, we did find bigger patches of weed. We also found a few more fish.

It definitely was not red hot fishing although the weather is getting very hot. The wind has died down and gone South. That’s an ok wind for dolphin fishing, but if it would go east I think all the weed would line up and it would be much easier to fish.

We ended up with 7 decent dolphin. Definitely not what would be called a “crush”. We missed or lost a few others. I only had one angler and sometimes when you hook up more than one fish with only one angler, the second gets off because nobody is keeping the line tight. It happens. I have the same people tomorrow, hopefully, we will be still catching a few Mahi again tomorrow

Unfortunately, the strong east current we have had is slowing down. I’m hoping it pickes up again. I think the more current the better. It renews the ocean every day by bringing new weed and debris into the waters we fish. The next few days will tell, we are supposed to get some rain. I don’t enjoy thunderstorms out on the boat. From land they are beautiful, but a bit scary on the boat. Regardless, we need the rain. It won’t affect the fishing much but it might cool things off a bit and my lawn could use it too